Boston Barefoot Running Festival

Marine Corp Marathon 2009


Washington D.C.



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3 comments to Marine Corp Marathon 2009

  • Elisha Pepperman

    Hi! How have you been since MCM? It was funny after the race which I barely finished I was telling everyone that I have the privilege of running with a man for a while that was completely barefoot. Someone said ya I think he was in Runners World the month before. So when I got home I look through my Runner’s World and sure enough it was you. That is how I was able to find you.

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for keeping me company and I truly enjoyed getting to know you better. I hope you enjoyed your visit with your sister and got lots done on the house. Well; I am glad I was able found you and hope that we can keep in touch so that we can keep each other updated on our running adventures.

    Elisha Pepperman

  • Hi Elisha,
    Actually, that was me in Runner’s World Magazine. Barefoot Todd is a close friend, who has completed more barefoot marathons than anyone I know of.

  • Barefoot Todd

    Yep — I am afraid that Barefoot KenBob (BKB) is correct — that indeed IS he in _Runners World_. As I have always said, BKB is the famous one, I am just the “other barefoot marathoner”. Though as BKB was kind enough to point out, I _have_ completed more marathons without shoes than he has : )

    And if you thought that I look like KenBob, Elisha, that just makes me one fine lookin’ specimen of a man too!! (You owe me BIG for that plug, KenBob!!)

    It is nice that you remember all of the stories about my twin sister Tina as well! Yes, I did get a good bit of work done on the house and we got to share a nice Halloween together too. We had about 300 kids come by the house and I helped pass out candy. I dressed as a caveman and have photos to prove it but have not yet figured out how to post them on this system but am happy to share them off-line. To further befuddle, I even wore homemade fake fur sandals instead of going barefoot, but one mom commented about my legs! I did think that the sandals were period-appropriate, though!

    Well, it was great to meet up with you and run at MCM, Elisha! I had a nice time sharing the miles together and I will be looking forward to doing it again with you sometime soon!!

    Barefoot Todd

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