Todd, The Barefoot Volunteer

Promoting Barefootin’ in Various Ways

I am always looking for interesting and perhaps funny ways to promote the barefoot lifestyle of running and other activities. And, along the way, I always tell people about!!

As you know, I almost always volunteer/work athletic events without shoes as well. Even if I have to run some distances in between stations in order to do my work, it is much easier for me to do so in the manner to which I have become accustomed — barefooted!!

Playing the Trump Card

Barefoot Todd, The Barefoot Volunteer

Barefoot Todd, The Barefoot Volunteer

Every now and then I end up in a place where I can do that because it not only makes sense but is fun too.

Yesterday I volunteered at the Trump National Golf Course in PV. So, of course, while I was out on the holes I was barefoot! And,man, that grass feels REALLY good!!

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1 comment to Todd, The Barefoot Volunteer

  • mick Dodge

    Yoish! Semper Fi, ran the MCM years ago in combat boots. I have always wanted to return to it to do it barefoot. But live on the other side of the continent, and have not only followed my feet out shoes but followed my feet out shoe boxes on wheels.
    If you ever get up around the Olympic Mountains let me know. You can stay here on the land and sink your toes in.


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