Seattle Marathon, 1986

Seattle WA

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1 comment to Seattle Marathon, 1986

  • hey, I ran my first Seattle Marathon in 1990 on a last minute whim (on Saturday) when there was such a violent wind/rain storm I thought it would be an interesting experience (and maybe if no one else bothered to show up I might get an ag award). It’s Seattle so, of course, everyone came, one of the floating bridges sank and I had great time being drenching wet (for one of my favorite race photos of all time).

    In 1998, I read a story about a one of the directors of the Seattle Marathon who was having it as his 100th marathon that year and he got a kiss from the writer and I vowed to run 100 marathons myself someday if I could get a kiss from her too.

    On November 25, 2007, I probably won’t get a kiss but I will run my 100th marathon (93) and ultra (7) with my barefoot brother todd and some friends he met last year from my internet running group. :-)

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