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Barefoot Todd’s 300th Marathon!!!

Barefoot Todd hopes to complete his 300th marathon on 2013 January 20 at the Arizona Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon

Barefoot Todd hopes to complete his 300th marathon on 2013 January 20 at the Arizona Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon


That’s a three, and a double ohhh my gosh! (300) marathons total (with or without shoes, or in one case, stopping to make shoes during a marathon – Park City Marathon 2007)


  • 26.2 miles
  • 300 times
  • = 7,860 miles!


Barefoot Todd Byers has been running marathons for some time now. I have known him since 2000 January, when he was formerly introduced to barefoot running and we were featured in a Los Angeles Times article. That was back before he had finished 100 marathons total.. However, 4 years later he was ready to do play roulette online in canada the full marathon distance barefoot, NINE TIMES that year. And has continued running at least one marathon each calendar month whenever he could afford the entry fees.

And so now, after completing his 100th barefoot marathon last year at Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Marathon, he is ready to check of a total of 300 marathons this year at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Marathon

So, if you’re going to be in Phoenix on January 20th, look for Barefoot Todd Byers, congratulate him, and cheer him on in his 300th full marathon!




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