Boston Barefoot Running Festival

I.B.R.D. Wakefield, Ma.

International Barefoot Running Day

International Barefoot Running Day – all over

International Barefoot Running Day – Wakefield, Ma

International Barefoot Running Day – Huntington Beach, Ca.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

9:00 AM

Lake Quannapowitt

Main Street Wakefield, MA

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“It is International Barefoot Running Day and we are Barefoot Runners. It is OUR day. We have secured a Special Guest from Southern California. Barefoot Todd Byers has run 285 Marathons with the last 102 truly barefoot!”

Barefoot Running Step by Step

Barefoot Running Step by Step

Barefoot Running Step by Step

Limited number of autographed copies of Barefoot Running Step by Step will be available for sale

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