Todd Successfully Finishes 100th Barefoot Marathon!


Phoenix Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon was Todd’s 100th Barefoot Marathon on Sunday, January 16 2011!!

Many visitors and locals in the Phoenix came out to cheer him in. Thanks to all for the support!

-Barefoot Todd

Get Me To the Start On Time

Well, we didn’t get to the start on time. We were thinking there would be tens of thousands of runners here taking 20-30 minutes to get everyone over the start line – like in Los Angeles Marathon, Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego, etc… but there weren’t, so after a last minute restroom stop, we started looking for the start line, and about 20 minutes later, we found it, but everyone else had already gone through. We figured that would be O.K. we had the chip time, which records when each individual runner crosses the start line. However, since we started so late, apparently it didn’t, so we only have gun times, from when the starting gun was fired (20 minutes before we started) until we crossed the finish line.



26.2 miles
5:18:05 (gun time)

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11 comments to Todd Successfully Finishes 100th Barefoot Marathon!

  • Wow, a hundred? Congratulations!

  • Barefoot Todd

    Hi all you Barefooters!!

    I figured I would once again try my hand at responding — on my own web page! I know I do not post much. But then again I do not run much either!!

    Anywho, as Barefoot Ken Bob said, this week-end’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona will be my 100th marathon. Without shoes. It will be my 283rd marathon overall, but most of the last hundred or so have been unshod.

    It will be an honour to have Barefoot Ken Bob there too. He was there for my first barefoot marathon, will be for my 100th, and has been for many in between. He has been a great teacher as well as a great friend.

    But for those of us who figure that even that many marathons is too much running (like me), in order to keep OFF the roads, I am thinking about getting a hobby. Maybe macrame. Or getting a girlfriend. Maybe a (any colour hair!) At the least, doing something other than running. Any suggestions??

    If anyone happens to be participating at RNR AZ, please say “Howdy” on your way past me. I am not sure if I will be able to keep up with Ken Bob, but I will try!

    With the recent attention to running barefoot (And pretty soon it will be a movement … Sorry Arlo!) I imagine there will be a few barefooters out there, so in addition to the picture on here, this is what I look like:

    I wonder how long they archive those pictures. That one was from several years ago when I was even kinda in shape! As I always say when I show that photo — Don’t laugh at my looking so beat. I am hoping that was taken late in a marathon!! In fact, at RNR AZ I will probably be wearing those same shorts … if they still fit! I am not much on buying new clothes … obviously because I spend so much money on shoes!

    As always, it is great to hear what everyone is up to — to learn of triumphs, difficulties, trials and exaltations. Barefoot or otherwise! Well done to all!

    I hope to see some of you this week-end. If you like, you can text/ring me at 562-665-1485 and let me know to be on the look-out for you. (I like using the swype on my Droid X!) Or just let me know if you have any suggestions for hobbies/girlfriends.

    No matter what your exploits may be, Best to all!

    Barefootingly (is that, like, even, totally, a word?) yours,

    (Barefoot!) Todd Byers

  • Jennifer

    CONGRATULATIONS! Great job! I hope to be running with you someday Todd. I would consider it a great privledge to do so. Would you like to go to lunch with me one day this week? I will be kind of in your area on Thursday and would be honored if you had a little time for lunch. Again, the date is THURSDAY JAN. 20th 2011. Let me know if you are interested. Jennifer

  • Jennifer

    Coach Barefoot Todd,

    Being at the Arizona RnR marathon was so motivating and exciting that I am INSPIRED to take up running!

    THANK YOU for helping me to become NOT ONLY a Runner but an Unshod Runner. (Okay, I realize that the pace I run at may seem like a walk to you, but I’ll get better… I promise… especially under your tutelage…) You have worked more miracles in just Two sessions than anyone else has in 24 years for me… haha… 24 yrs. Now that’s funny.

    My feet feel fine and I’m ready for more! YOU are the best, most patient Coach ever. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.
    Can’t wait to see you again!

    Barefoot China Doll

  • Scottie

    I ran the Phoenix Rock n Roll HALF marathon barefoot. It was my second barefoot half marathon (Dallas White Rock 12/5/10 was my first). I ran White Rock 7 minutes faster than I ran a year earlier with shoes. I ran a 1:40 and was thrilled with my time. However, in Phoenix, I was almost two minutes slower than White Rock and I think it was because the streets were rougher in Phoenix, especially the parking lot that we ran through in mile 12. Is there a list out there anywhere of barefoot friendly marathon courses. I hope to run a barefoot marathon in 2011 but the Phoenix course made me realize I need to choose wisely.

  • There are run reports at and other running barefoot websites. I have heard of a few people trying to compile lists of “Barefoot Friendly courses”, but the problem with that is two-fold.

    1. not many people have been running barefoot until the past year or two
    2. courses change… I ran the St. George Marathon in 1999 and again in 2007. In 1999 it was baby smooth new asphalt. In 2007 the asphalt was eroded and rough.
    3. (Okay, I lied about it being 2-fold) all courses are barefoot friendly, it’s our running technique that might not be ready yet. and that can only happen if we practice on rough terrain, and listen closely to the warnings our bare soles give us to avoid impact and abrasion.

  • Scottie

    Thanks so much. That is very helpful. I have only been running barefoot for a little over a year and obviously still have a lot of work to do on my technique.

  • Barefoot Damon

    Congatulations on the 100th Todd! You’re my hero! Thanks for all the great advice you (and BKB) have given me too. I look forward to running with you soon and partaking in some more of your wisdom. (Your advice for rough asphalt really did help! You have to train those 6 inches between your ears sometimes too and not psych yourself out.)

    Barefoot Damon

  • Andy J. Gutz

    Hi Barefoot Todd,
    Congratulations on your 100th BF Marathon!
    I met you at Malibu Marathon in November (I ran the Half) and I was very inspired by you.
    I ran the Carlsbad Half Marathon in January and plan to run LA Marathon in March and Pasadena Marathon in May. Will you be at either of these Marathons?
    I would like to talk with you sometime and hear your thoughts about running Multiple Marathons and Healthy, Mindful, Sustainable Running.

    Peace and Love,


  • Hieu Dovan

    Hi Andy, I just started barefoot running and will run my very first marathon (shod/unshod) at Pasadena this May. I will probablyu be wearing Five Fingers as I can only run barefoot on smooth asphalt at this time. Do you know the condition/surface of the Pasadena course? Peace, Hieu

  • Andy J. Gutz

    Hello Hieu,
    I run shod being very mindful of running with the chi/natural running technique. I ran the Pasadena Marathon last year. The roads in Pasadena appear to be good conditions for barefoot runners. Last year I saw a handful of barefoot runners and they seemed to be happy and doing well. Shod or unshod, I am sure you will enjoy this event. It is well organized with a small town race feel. Hope to see you out there!

    Peace and Love,


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