Boston Barefoot Running Festival

Huntington Beach, Ca. (2010 Jul 11) Running Barefoot Workshop

Barefoot Todd

Barefoot Todd

Running Barefoot Workshop

The bottom line is the soles of our feet. If our soles hurt while walking or running barefoot, we are not moving the way we are designed to move!

If we wear earplugs while trying to learn to sing, rather than helping us improve our singing, the earplugs simply allow us to be unaware of when we are singing badly.

Our own bare soles are the two best coaches in the world, IF we are willing to listen. Bare our soles to the ground, and through the immediate, emphatic, and precise feedback, we can learn so much more about How to Run gently, than we ever dreamed possible.

And equally as important, when we are Beginning our barefoot adventure, our bare soles will try to tell us how much is too much, too soon, before we seriously injure ourselves

Barefoot Todd’s Running Barefoot Workshops are NOT about senselessly pounding out the miles. Running Barefoot is about taking advantage of the complex network of nerve endings (senses) in the soles of our feet, so that we can learn to run better, more gently, efficiently, naturally – not by toughening up to endure the pain, rather by responding to pain by changing the way we run so as not to cause the pain in the first place.


Report, if any, will be posted after the event.


photos, if any, will be posted after the event.

Footwear for Barefoot Todd’s Running Barefoot Workshops and Fun Runs

Footwear is optional. However, wearing footwear while learning to walk or run is a bit like wearing earplugs while learning to sing.

If you do bring footwear, be prepared to carry it with you while running/walking barefoot (unless you want them stolen).

Price for Barefoot Todd’s Workshop and Fun Run

Still FREE! But I might not complain if you support our Friends, Affiliates, and Sponsors, and/or Donate I suggest attending the event first, then, if you can afford, donate as much as you think the event was worth to you. No negative numbers please! In case you really hated Barefoot Todd’s Running Barefoot Workshop or Fun Run, and/or Barefoot Todd, then donate enough money so he can leave town! (comfortably)

Sign-Up for Barefoot Todd’s Workshop and Fun Run

RSVP for this event if no one signs up, do not expect me to show up!

Try to be nearly on time, as we may move to another location, or start walking and/or running shortly after meeting…

Workshop Location

Near the Dog Park
Central Park West
Huntington Beach, Ca.
(see Map for details)



Special Guests

We often have the good fortune to have some very special guests at Barefoot Todd’s Running Barefoot Workshops.

Welcome One and All

If you can walk or run, even just a little, come on down, maybe we can help you teach yourself how walk or run more comfortably.

Children of all ages are welcome, but should be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult.

Media Release

Journalists often show up at our events. At the very least, Barefoot Todd may be taking pictures and video, for use on the internet, video discs, downloads, and other methods of public and private distribution and/or showings.

By participating in this event, you agree to the release of the use of visual/audio images of yourself, and those you are responsible for who also attend Barefoot Todd’s Running Barefoot Workshops, Fun Runs, and other events.

Liability Release

ANY activity can result in personal loss, injury, even death!

In addition to the Media Release (above), you also agree, for yourself, your heirs, and those you are responsible for, to hold Barefoot Todd Byers, his family, all participants of this event, and those responsible for the park/location where this event is held, blameless for any damage, injury, or loss of life, to yourself, your property, and those you are responsible for.

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Sponsors, Friends, and Affiliates

The Running Barefoot website

The Running Barefoot website

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7 comments to Huntington Beach, Ca. (2010 Jul 11) Running Barefoot Workshop

  • Sadhish

    Hi Todd,
    Thanks so much for organizing another one!!!
    I’m so excited about it.
    Could you maybe post GPS coordinates so that I don’t miss it this time?
    Thanks and see you soon,

  • 33.698695,-118.013939
    precise location may vary depending on other events in park – but just look for a group of barefoot folks nearby.

  • Thank you, Ken Bob, for the coordinates! Yep, so that we do not lose anyone this time, I also wrote to a couple folks with the following further directions:

    To help out more, we are meeting on the WEST side of the Central Park. The closest intersection is Edwards Street with the road coming in from the west as Talbert Avenue. If you are using your GPS, those are the streets to input for the intersection. Enter the parking lot shown on the map (included in the web site) just to the east of that intersection. The large circle on the satellite image included in the Workshop announcement is the playground area. We meet right between the carpark and that big circle. Or, as Barefoot Ken Bob pointed out, if that particular spot is occupied, we will meet as close to that area as possible. Look for the lack of shoes!!

    Looking forward to seeing you all there!

    Barefoot Todd

  • Producer Mary Haynes is planning on having a crew from the CBS Early Show at our running Barefoot Workshop tomorrow, just so you all will know. So bring your best toenail polish for the cameras and be prepared to learn sumpthin’!! Barefoot Todd

  • Jacob

    Hi Todd. Sorry I missed your workshop. Are you going to have another one soon?


  • I would also like to know of another barefoot workshop. I’m new to the area, and new to barefooting, but would love to (re)learn!

  • Jacob

    Looks like there won’t be any workshop for some time to come, since they are working on a barefoot running book.

    Is there an informal group of barefoot runners getting together anytime soon?


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