Boston Barefoot Running Festival

Todd, The Barefoot Volunteer

Promoting Barefootin’ in Various Ways

I am always looking for interesting and [...]

Barefoot Race Official – Paws for Cause

Todd Shark!

(2004 August 07) Todd Bat Swims


Boeing 5K (2004 March 14)

Barefoot Todd (2004 March 08) Boeing 5K


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  • Fox Running (1975) 2015 March 24 Tue
    by RR Knudson Harper & Row (or Avon paperback) About a Native American girl who becomes a barefoot track star. read more […]
  • Turn Off the Brakes on Downhills 2015 March 23 Mon
    Summary Fear is one of the biggest handicap on downhills. Fear of falling and hurting yourself possibly badly. Confidence in running fast downhills comes with skill at running fast downhills. Practice will add to both. This is for those who … read more […]
  • Broken Foot – “Final” report … maybe 2015 March 21 Sat
    Introduction I was going to wait until after the 2014 November lunchtime Boeing 5K race to write this final report. But, I didn’t race that day. Also, I wasn’t be able to race in the December lunchtime Boeing 5K (it’s … read more […]