Boston Barefoot Running Festival

Todd, The Barefoot Volunteer

Promoting Barefootin’ in Various Ways

I am always looking for interesting and [...]

Barefoot Race Official – Paws for Cause

Todd Shark!

(2004 August 07) Todd Bat Swims


Boeing 5K (2004 March 14)

Barefoot Todd (2004 March 08) Boeing 5K


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  • Ken Bob’s Regular Run (2016-01-23) 2016 January 24 Sun
    Rob came down from Sacramento, California to run with me, and get his copy of “Barefoot Running Step by Step” auto-foot-print-graphed by PsychoHerman, Cathy, and Barefoot Ken Bob. We ran/walked just over 4 miles in the Bolsa Chica Wetlands, including, … read more […]
  • Running Mechanics Study for Boston Marathon 2016 January 17 Sun
    We are doing a study of impact loading over the course of the Boston Marathon this year. We are recruiting runners of all types, but are in need of barefoot and ‘true’ minimal footwear runners (no midsole, stack height, arch, … read more […]
  • Post Thanksgiving Sunset Low-Tide Runsesses! 2015 November 23 Mon
    What TWO of Ken Bob’s occasional Irregular Walksesses/Runsesses. Terrain: hard-packed beach sand at the edge of the water at low-tide Distance: 2 miles out and 2 miles back, or turn around early for shorter walk/run Speed: Slow walk to fast … read more […]