Boston Barefoot Running Festival



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  • Welcome Home Bernard, Barefoot Run 2014 November 22 Sat
    Story Today we had a near record of 5 … wait a minute, 7 people show up for our regular run, which was actually an irregular, welcome home barefoot run for Bernard who had been in England for the past … read more […]
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    Story In early August 2015 we – Cathy, PsychoHerman (our dog), and myself – plan on road-tripping through Colorado to a family reunion on 2015 August 8 in Traverse City, Michigan. If anyone is interested in hosting one of Ken … read more […]
  • Special Mindful Running Interview Announcement 2014 October 9 Thu
    Story I was recently interviewed by Michael Sandler, my “arch nemesis” and author of the other book Barefoot Running and also the Creator of The Mindful Running Program. This was an awesome interview and we covered: How I went from … read more […]